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Information for the partners

One of the top priority lines of business for Vallee du Luxe is the distribution of luxury products in the country.

Our partners represent independent watch- and jewelry-selling shops located in many large cities of Ukraine that design and manage their operation based on the highest operation and service standards that guarantee top quality services to the clients.


The Swiss-made timepieces and jewelry offered by our company may be purchased only from the duly certified, best equipped and professionally maintained sales outlets.


Operational policies pursued by the Vallee du Luxe company management are designed to secure comprehensive support of its dealers both at the very start of cooperation and through the whole period of mutually beneficial work, and cover professional training and skills-upgrade courses for the personnel, support of the advertizing campaigns, service warranties and supplies of certified equipment to the sales points, including necessary displays, catalogues etc.

It is traditional for us to be always open to cooperation with our dealers, as we strive to offer them the best and the most convenient forms of partnership in any segment of the Ukraine’s luxury market operations.


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