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Service Center

Our company operates a modern watch service shop in the city of Kiev.

Any kind of precision high-technology instrument will need care and maintenance service. Swiss-made watches are no exclusion as these time-counting instruments and signs of luxury at the same time become more and more multifunctional, exquisite and complicated – and more expensive for this reason. Every owner of such masterpiece of watch-making art expects the Swiss-made instrument to serve him or her for many years. However, much depends on you, the owner, as up to 95% of complicated repairs of timepieces are required as a result of their misuse, bad keeping or negligent handling.


Modern watch-making technologies and complicated movements require top professional and skillful services to be functional. As things now stand, there is a shortage of high-quality service centers in Ukraine, and therefore we consider it’s our duty to assist you.    


Our service shop is equipped with all necessary modern instruments and equipment from  BECO, Witschi, HOROTEC etc. and our service staff uses only original spare parts, watch oils and lubricants from Moebius, a known Swiss producer, and this allows us offer a full range of high-quality services to check, maintain and serve timepieces as required by the best internationally accepted service standards.


Your watches will be served by knowledgeable and experienced service technicians that are always in position both to make high-quality repair of your watches and instruct you on the individual specifics and requirements of your timepiece and the best ways to extend its service life.


We consider the regular skills upgrade courses for our service staff at the watch-making facilities in Switzerland our best financial investment as this is the only reasonable way to keep high and improve the service culture and technology and maintain the service standards at the level good enough for the masterpieces of watch-making art we serve.

Our watch service shop is deployed in the downtown of Kiev. We are always in position to offer its services to everybody who needs it, at any time convenient for the clients.

Service center address:
Service center address:
Kiev, Pirogova str., 2
tel. 044 235 85 45



Operating mode :
Mn  - Fr        10-00 - 20-00
Sat - Sun       12-00 - 20-00


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